Hot Take: Alkaline Water is a Scam

Originally published by Belle Kalista Beauty on 04/20

Every time I go to the grocery store or run inside the gas station for a drink, I see some new, fancy-looking water. First, it was sparkling water. Then it was electrolyte water. Then it was water in compostable boxes or recyclable cans. Then it was dozens of different flavors of plain and sparkling water. I’ve even seen caffeinated water.

Glass bottle of water sitting on a table.

The list of ways that brands try to sell us water is outrageous, and it seems to never end. Most recently, alkaline water has been added to that list. You’ve probably seen the claims about how its detoxification properties help with energy and weight loss, or its ability to neutralize your blood helps to keep you healthy.

Before you spend $4 on a bottle of seemingly magical alkaline water, let’s talk about what it is and what it can actually do.

(Spoiler: It can’t do much. Let’s talk about why!)

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Antiperspirant 101

Originally featured on Belle Kalista Beauty 07/2021

Confession time: I am a sweaty person.

I don’t have hyperhidrosis (a medical condition that makes you incredibly interferes-with-your-life sweaty). I just sweat more than the average girl would ever want to admit.

This means that I have tried (almost) every deodorant and antiperspirant in existence. If you had told high school me that I would one day no longer rely on antiperspirants, I would have hysterically laughed and thrown an extra stick of Clinical Strength Secret into my purse just in case.

Blackand white photo of a woman's chest with sweat.
Me, sweating even more at the thought of not using antiperspirant.

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Making Yoga Work For You: Tackling the Troubles With Downward-facing Dog

I’ve been doing yoga in one form or another for almost 12 years, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never made it through an entire practice without at least one downward-facing dog pose.

I’ve never understood why this wasn’t called downward-facing cat pose. Just look at this perfect form!

That being said, I don’t think I can adequately express to you just how much I loathed this pose for nearly the entire time I’ve been practicing it.

It was uncomfortable. It hurt my wrists. My shoulders ached. Sometimes my neck felt weird. And it felt ENDLESS.

As I’ve been talking to many of you about yoga over the past several months, I’ve realized that almost everyone experiences these same small miseries in one form or another when doing this pose.

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