Three Non-negotiable Tips for Strong Winter Skincare

Winter is coming! Actually, winter is already here, which means my skin is dehydrated and cranky. A lot of girls don’t think they need to change up their skincare routine with the seasons, but I’m here to tell you that’s definitely not the case.

If you know your skin needs some extra lovin’, but you have no idea where to start, just keep reading. I’m going to share a few quick tips on how to modify your skincare routine for cold, dry weather.

1. Layer Your Products

You layer your clothes to insulate the rest of your body, so why treat your skin any different? The best way to keep your skin from becoming chapped and irritated is to layer.

You would never leave the house without a coat and scarf during winter. Skipping out on skincare layering during the winter is like leaving your coat and scarf at home when it’s blizzarding.

winter skin

You don’t have to change your entire routine, though. Keep the products that are working for you and just add a few extras! Grab an extra moisturizer packed with ceramides or add a hydrating emulsion. One of my new favorite things to do is add a few drops of a nourishing facial oil to my summer moisturizer. The extra hydration makes a huge difference in my complexion!

2. Stay Hydrated

This might seem like a “duh” moment, but seriously. I know when I’m cold and miserable the first thing I reach for is hot coffee, and the last thing I reach for is water.

All of the skincare tips in the world won’t fix dry winter skin if you’re not staying hydrated.

Keeping an insulated water bottle with you at all times will help make sure you’re drinking enough water to keep your skin moisturized from the inside out. The insulated part is optional, but it does help to keep your water (and your hands!) from getting too cold.

3. Get a Humidifier

My mom always had a humidifier running during the winter for her allergies when I was a kid. Because I don’t really suffer from allergies, I never thought I needed one. Fast forward to the winter of 2014 when the air in my house was so dry that my skin was cracking and my nose was bleeding.

Disgusting, but true. So I decided to see if my mom knew what she was talking about – spoiler alert: she did – and bought a cheap, warm-air humidifier.

Best. Decision. Ever. Thanks mom!

Dry air outdoors and indoors can sabotage even the best winter skincare routine.

Between the cold, dry air outside and the warm, dry air inside, your skin and sinuses never get a chance to recuperate. A warm-air humidifier will help your skin reclaim a bit of its lost moisture. Combine that with some extra hydration and a few occlusive layers to hold in the extra moisture you’re feeding your skin, and you’ll be able to keep your summer glow despite the cold.

What’s your favorite skincare trick to stave off the winter chill?