In what follows, I’m listing a number of samples of my work. Along with the link to each sample, I’ve provided a short analysis of the basis of how and why each particular piece of content could fit into an overall marketing and/or commerce strategy.

Link: These Asian Skincare Ingredients Aren’t As Weird As They Look

Analysis: Women tend to have no problem with putting things on their face that they can’t spell or enunciate. However, if you suggest an all-natural ingredient, they often lose their minds, even if you back up that ingredient with solid science. The way around this (and the way to open up a lot more opportunities to sell to women), is to ease them into the idea by appealing to their curiosity instead of scaring them with too much new information straight out of the gate.

Link: Three Non-negotiable Tips For Strong Winter Skin Care

Analysis: In my experience, women frequently skip over the basics hoping for some expensive miracle cure to their problems. This is often because they don’t believe the simple solution can be (or should be) effective. It’s a lot like shopping for a used car and looking to see if it has rims before looking to see if it has a steering wheel. A strong use of key descriptors (non-negotiable in the title, for example) can pull them in long enough to educate your audience.