Transparency is a big deal in the beauty blogging realm. It’s one of those issues that people tend to feel really strongly about, and rightly so! After all, if you guys are trusting me to recommend products to put on your face and body, there shouldn’t be an underlying agenda, right?

So, in the interests of full disclosure:

1. As you may have seen on my homepage or portfolio tab, I am a for-hire content writer. It pays the bills and it’s an okay gig. Gotta put that science degree to use somehow! That being said: I don’t accept payment for the posts I make on this site. Every post I make on my blog is 100% my own. The work I get paid to do happens elsewhere! Because my work is largely in the beauty industry, it just makes sense to have my portfolio and my blog under the same domain.

2. I am open to sponsorship requests and receiving press samples. Any time a sponsored/discounted/free product appears on my site, it will be clearly denoted at the top of the post with how I got it and who gave it to me. Let me be clear, though. I don’t accept all sponsorship requests or press samples offered, nor do I work with brands that expect only positive reviews. I’ll be just as objective and thorough in my reviews of these products as I am with the (too many) products I’ve purchased myself.

3. Currently, I am not a part of any brand partnerships. I do have an Amazon affiliate storefront that I will link when relevant, and I get a small commission if you decide to purchase something that way.

As always, I want to hear from you guys! If something isn’t clear or you have more questions, feel free to contact me!

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