Why You Should Hire Me

In today’s industry, you want to hire people who understand the objectives that you have in mind for your website and your business. For anyone in the health and beauty industry, the ultimate goal is to build a profit by cultivating an audience, but the way to get there is two-fold:

  1. First, you want to bring in new readers with solid search engine optimization (SEO for short) practices that the majority of enthusiasts in this industry do not understand on a deep level.
  2. Second, you want to have content that emotionally connects with the reader and makes them want to subscribe so that they will always come back for more.

And let’s be honest here. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having contributors who are very enthusiastic about what they have tried. But I want to help other people, and you can’t do that without being serious about the content you’re putting out.

It’s hard enough to find someone, however enthusiastic they may be, who can produce content that fulfills just one of the above objectives, but my job as a beauty writer is to provide both.

What You Need Right Now From a Beauty Writer

If you want to hire cheap, then there are tons of people out there who will be more than happy to rehash boring articles from other peoples blogs for you. You’ll have the same list of truisms with no backing as your competitors, and this is perfectly fine if you want to be mediocre. Mediocre content gives mediocre rankings, a mediocre following and a mediocre level of traffic.

However, if you want to be successful, then you need to know where the industry is at, where it’s heading and why bargain-bin content isn’t cutting it anymore.

How Google Knows If Your Beauty Content Sucks

In October 2015, Google admitted what SEO experts had suspected for quite a while: They have been using learning algorithms to determine things like how good the grammar is on your site, how much people actually get from your content and what reading level is required to be able to understand your content.

The Panda 4.2 update to Google’s search algorithm that came in the late spring of 2015 was an important piece of this puzzle, and it showed how even more than before, they are pulling down pages that have previously ranked very well in Google for having low-quality grammar and other indicators.


Where the Industry is Heading

In short, Google is getting better and better at determining if your content sucks, and they’re taking traffic away from sites that it deems not worthy. The only way to combat this is to get ahead of the curve and work only with beauty writers who can produce better content than the competition.

Bringing Personality and Credibility

Does your writer share the same goals as you? Does your writer have personality that shines through and draws in readers? Does your writer have the science background to properly back up what he or she is saying and prove it without relying on old wives’ tales? Do your readers just have to keep coming back for more, compulsively checking their phones every time there’s a new update? It’s not your fault.

Does your writer have over 20 combined credit hours of college credit in chemistry, biology, anatomy and other sciences? Oh, your writer doesn’t? Then how can she possibly explain what’s going on to your readers with any level of authority or credibility?

A “just trust me” explanation in your beauty content isn’t going to cut it when the social and professional lives of your readers are at stake.

Do you get tired of posting up the rewritten, rehashed versions of content that your competitors have already ranked for? That’s not the kind of content that a high-quality beauty writer should be crafting for you because it’s not going to help you to achieve your goals. In fact, it’s just going to make you blend in with the rest and be just as easily forgotten.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re ready to achieve the potential that you know you have, then contact me about what I can do for you and start earning more readers, more subscribers and better returns on the time and energy that you have invested into your website. You know that your website can do better, and I’m here to work with you to make that happen.