Product Review: Dear By Enprani Softfull Booskin

Before purchasing this toner, I tried to be a responsible addict blogger and research it first! Turns out that while there are roughly 12,748 reviews of the Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin toner, there are approximately zero reviews of the Softfull Booskin toner. Like really zero. I looked everywhere. To my knowledge it isn’t discontinued or anything (it’s still available for purchase on several websites), so I was surprised that there was just so much…nothing.

Prior to this, I was pretty firmly in the “toners are a waste of time and money” camp. I still think that most of them are just hype, but I’m making an exception for this one.

Even Tiny Snail Squad approves, and  they are a salty bunch.
Even Tiny Snail Squad approves, and they are tough critics.

For reference, my skin is combination. My forehead is pretty stubbornly oily, but the rest of my face has balanced back out to normal for the most part. My skin also tends to be dehydrated and clog prone because I have giant pores. Thanks, teen self.

What it Does

According to the product descriptions, the Softfull Booskin is meant to “control unnecessary and excessive sebum and prevent shine to boost clear and clean skin. Optimizes condition of oily skin after cleansing to [enhance] the effect of the next stage of care. Creates moisturized skin inside and smooth and matte skin outside.” Oh, and my favorite part: “Creates cotton veil for soft and gentle skin texture like downy hair and fills moisture evenly with tightening effect.”

Oh man, skin that feels like downy hair? Sign me up!

What I’ve gathered is, like the Moistfull Booskin, it’s meant to be a hydrating/prepping toner best suited for oily/combo skin types.

I love the blurb on the front of the bottle.
“Believe in the Power of Booskin” – Oh, I do.

Ingredient Analysis

A lovely stranger was kind enough to translate the ingredient list for me and post it on cosDNA for analysis purposes. Its star ingredients are Rose of Jericho extract (which I’ll nerd out talk about in a sec), witch hazel and cotton seed extract, which I’ve bolded, with artichoke and meadowsweet playing supporting roles.
The full list of ingredients:

Water, Butylene Glycol, Dipropylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, Glycerin, Disodium EDTA, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (licorice), Phenyl Methicone, Selaginella Lepidophylla Extract(this is Rose of Jericho), Propylene Glycol, Witch Hazel Extract, Cotton Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract(improves elasticity), Spiraea Ulmaria Extract(this is meadowsweet- anti-irritant), PPG-16-Buteth-26, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Triethylhexanoin, Fragrance.

The only potential trigger cosDNA flagged is the ever-present butylene glycol.

*The following science geek fest is totally optional. Just skip down to the next section if you don’t care about me nerding out over ingredients. I won’t be offended, promise.*

A Lesson On Rose of Jericho

Rose of Jericho is pretty cool, you guys. I had never heard of it prior to owning this toner, so I went looking for what it was and why it was in my skincare. It’s called the “resurrection rose” because it survives periods of crazy drought by curling in on itself and hibernating, essentially. In its “hibernation” form, it looks like a ball of dead roots or weeds.

Hard to believe that this dude is a flowering plant!
Hard to believe that this dude is a flowering plant!(Photo credit: Wikipedia commons)

Once it detects moisture though, it’s magic time! It opens up and comes alive. Cool, right?! Check it out:

TADA! Nature wizardry!
TADA! Nature wizardry!(Photo credit: Wikipedia commons)

Apparently trehalose (a sugar) is responsible for this transformation. In the plant, it regulates metabolic function to conserve energy; on skin, it binds moisture and gives a similar “revival” effect.

Please turn my desert wasteland face into a pretty flower.

The dynamic nature of Rose of Jericho is what (anecdotally) makes it such a great skincare ingredient. The extract is purported to contain some of the same enzymes that allow the plant to respond to its environment.

In a toner, this translates to skincare that’s better suited to your specific skin/moisture levels. I couldn’t find any scientific research on topical usage, so I don’t know how true that is in general. I only know that biologically it makes sense to me, and my own experience seems to support that reasonably well. So take it with a grain of salt.


My Experience

I’ve been using this for about two months in both my morning and evening routine, as well as whenever I sheet mask. The first few days I used it, I did a split-face test partly to see if it would cause any weird skin reactions but mostly to see if it made a difference in the efficacy of the rest of my routine.

Oh boy. It made a huge difference. I was genuinely shocked by just how immediate and pronounced the difference was. I felt like my face was lopsided because the Booskin side was so soft and bouncy and the other side just… wasn’t.

The bottle is huge (thank goodness!) and a little goes a long way.The toner itself is very liquidy; it’s only slightly more viscous than water. The bottle has one of those tops that aftershave or hot sauce have where you need to tilt and shake it to get a couple of good splashes out. I like that, though, because it keeps me from accidentally spilling it everywhere.

I use two splashes into my clean hands, pat them together and then pat the toner gently all over my face with my palms until it’s fully absorbed. It absorbs quickly and my skin immediately feels softer and more hydrated. It also feels a bit silky, which I would guess is from the cotton extract.

There is definitely a scent. The scent is not overpowering at all, but it does linger. Personally, I love this part, but I know a lot of people are not in the Fragrance Fanclub. It’s soft, feminine, a little powdery, a little floral and a smidge of something else I can’t quite place. Honestly, it just smells…nostalgic. Not in a “my-grandma’s-Avon-perfume-from-1979” way, though, more in a “this-is-relaxing-I’m-glad-my-face-smells-like-this” way.

Final Thoughts

I love this toner. It makes every other product in my routine absorb quicker, including my sheet mask essence. I guess that’s the “optimizing skin and enhancing care” part! As for the controlling excess sebum aspect, I have been waking up with consistently less oily skin than I had been prior to adding this product into my daily routine.

Overall, I give this a 4.5/5. It does exactly what it’s advertised to do, and it does it very well.
I’ve already bought a backup bottle because I don’t want to be without it.

Rating Scale:
1 – This is horrible. I don’t even know why it exists. Please get it away from my face.
2 – This is mediocre. Will not repurchase and probably will not finish.
3 – This is okay. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.
4 – This is great. I’ll keep using it until I find something I like more.
5 – This is my Holy Grail. You will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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  1. Thanks for the review! You’re right, there aren’t many reviews on the softfull version. I was trying to search for a comparison between the moistfull and softfull but can’t find any 😂 Anyway reading this review makes me want to buy it, and the rose of Jericho seems awesome,, get on my face nowwww!! 😀

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